If you are interested in proven field trial lines (Phog has 42 of the 117 Field Trial HOF dogs and a total of 134 NFC, NAFC, FC and AFC dogs in his 10 generation pedigree), a pedigree with 9 GMPR's and 5 APLA Hall of Fame dogs, no need to look any further! Phog is the most accomplished DeuceXCharlie stud in the game, combining these truly special bloodlines that has produced a long list of proven performers. Phog is a smaller-bodied (72 Pounds), long-legged yellow male(eeBB) darker in color with tremendous drive. Intelligent & loves to train every day with absolutely no quit. A bird finding machine with a stylish point and great marking & blind running ability. Phog has been described as both "the real deal" and a great looking specimen of the breed. When not running in hunt tests, Phog has been equally at home in the upland field as well as sitting in a duck blind over multiple seasons going into any situation seamlessly. He has fantastic temperament and lives with us in our home.

Phog has completed very successful hunt test campaigns over the last 3 years. At one point in 2012 he had 14 straight passes and had gone 9 for 9 at AKC events(finished his JH, SH, HR, & APR to 2XGMPR titles over a 5 month span before he was 2 years old). In 2013 he went 4 for 4 to achieve his APLA 4XGMPR title while passing 4 AKC Master tests. In 2014 Phog wrapped up his hunt test career by achieving his HRCH (International Grand qualifier) and AKC MH titles. He accomplished this over a 5 week period all while working with three different handlers!

Phog has gotten a lot of attention wherever he has run. In the spring of 2013, at one of the most impressive APLA Master showings ever, Phog ran clean the upland series in just 4.5 minutes on 5 planted birds (he has run multiple master tests around 5 minutes)…the judges were comparing their watches to make sure they had the time right! Truly astonishing given the parameters of the test. BDC World Championship events run 60 seconds a bird, which puts Phog in a very elite group in the APLA world.

Phog has now sired multiple litters with pups showing early promise for intelligence, drive, trainability, and a natural point with plenty of birdiness. He is currently available for selective breedings. Click the "Contact" link for more information.

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