"I had the pleasure of hunting over this dog this past season and was amazed at his speed, marking ability, and retrieving skills, showing up several more seasoned dogs. Given his youth and natural ability, there is no question this dog is going places. I will hunt with Phog anytime… he is a top-shelf dog!"

Kris Kobach
Kansas Secretary of State

"Phog is an exceptional animal. He comes out of his kennel ready to work every day. He is a high energy dog that has an excellent work ethic; something Pro trainers love to see in a working Labrador, whether it be in a hunt test or hunting Phog wants to do his best every day. Phog succeeded in every venue he participated in HRC, APLA and AKC simply because he truly loves to train, a trait that very few dogs have and maintain. He is what pro trainers call a team player which means he will take direction when offered but has the drive to do it on his own if asked. Phog is now a seasoned veteran as predicted he is the real deal! Since acquiring his 4XGMPR Phog has moved into the advanced retrieving venues of HRC and AKC Hunt tests achieving his HRCH and MH titles. Phog has now sired multiple litters and we are very pleased to have several of his offspring coming to K and L Kennels this summer for training. We expect great things from his progeny and will keep everyone informed on their progress. I have spent time with several puppies and at an early age are balls of fire and bird crazy."

Mike Lettau
K and L Kennels

"As a full-time professional photographer who spends a ton of time photographing Labs for calendar sales, an avid dog trainer, and bird hunter, I've had the good fortune of watching and training with a very large sampling of dogs. In recent years, there have been a few young dogs that really piqued my interest. One of them is Phog. This yellow male pointing lab is the entire package. I watched this dog in training and photographed him for a week while visiting K & L Kennels in MO. Although he was still young and pretty raw at the time, the upside and potential of this dog was tremendous! Phog is not a really big dog - more of medium build - which I believe makes him more versatile in both upland and waterfowl hunting. His retrieving drive is excellent, birdiness is top drawer, and he points very nicely! I also noticed he had quite a bit of bottom, meaning he took constructive criticism well and maintained a positive attitude during training. Phog is a very attractive dog in addition to all of his other attributes. Finally, if you look at his pedigree, he comes from parents that have a stellar reputation for producing excellent overall performing pointing labs. Phog will be on a very short list of stud dogs I would personally consider when picking my next pup."

Lon E. Lauber
Outdoor Photographer/Writer